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Free Commercial Roof Evaluations

If you’re unsure if your commercial roof needs repaired or maintenance, our team of experts will gladly come to your location for a free roof evaluation. 

One of the biggest things we tell our customers to take advantage of is our free commercial roof evaluations. Roof damage can be difficult to detect and even harder when you’re unsure of what to look for. That’s why we offer free roof evaluations to all of our current, future, and past customers.

It’s important to check for as many different types of roof damage as possible. Some of the most common are visible roof damage, aging in shingles, moss on roof, and any leaking. Our team is highly trained to come to your business and look into all aspects of your commercial roof. We even look into any signs of storm damage for you. 

Overtime roof conditions start to degrade, which is why it’s important for a professional to come and evaluate your roof. We can tell if the sun is causing the rubber to lose its pliability, eventually causing it to crack and provide a way for elements to get inside your business. As everyone knows, damages to your commercial roof are never a cheap fix.

Throughout our evaluation, we will point out areas of concern and let you know what our professional and honest thoughts and opinions of the concerned areas are. At Tingley Roofing, our certified inspectors will be able to accurately asses the damages of your business. There are times where your commercial roof may not have any damages and you don’t need a new roof, and we’ll make sure to let you know that too.  

You can feel rest assured that when our team leaves, you will know exactly what needs done to keep your business up and running. 

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About Our Free Commercial Roof Evaluations

Contact us today to have one of our certified team members come to your location and complete a full roof evaluation for free. At the end of our lengthy review, you will know where the damages are, what caused them and how we suggest is the best way to fix them. 

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