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With Tingley Roofing having many years of experience, our team has completed hundreds of residential and commercial jobs in and around the Danville area. We enjoy serving the Danville community and look forward to working with you.  

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We are a full-service provider of commercial roofing and residential roofing in Danville, IL. Roofing Contractors in Vermilion County have been looking to us as an example in excellence. Along with our dedicated customer service, Tingley Roofing provides special services to handle any roofing issue you may have.

Weather Related Roof Damage – We keep our weather tracker going so we can prepare to service specific needs after any storms or severe weather situations. We have the fastest weather related damage response time. You can get a weather damaged roofing quote today.

Hail Damage – Hail damage to your roof can be particularly deceiving. Unseen hail damage can lead to leaks in your roof. Look for any water spots or moisture around the edges of your ceilings. Typical hail damage to your roof is difficult to see without a professional inspection on top of your building. If you suspect hail damage to your roof after a storm, we can give you our expert consultation.

Wind Damage – Wind damage to your roof can occur in multiple ways. From tears, buckling, and penetrations, all the way to clogged or damaged vents. Tree branches and debris from the wind is a big culprit in many of the roof repairs we do as well. Tingley Roofing does a full service inspection of all aspects of your roof after a heavy storm or severe winds to ensure that your roof remains safe and intact.

Roof Leaks – The most noticeable damage to your roof comes from roof leaks. However, did you know many times your roof can leak internally and show no signs in your building? This type of leak damage can be one of the most expensive to repair, as it can slowly damage the structure of your building. We check all possible leak points to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. If you suspect a possible leak or any damage or wear after a large storm, please contact us today for a free consultation.


Roofing Damage Consultation for Commercial Real Estate in Danville, IL – If you are purchasing a commercial building, or own a commercial building in Danville, we can do a full service inspection and fix any damage to increase the value of your property and avoid future problems.


Repairs & Installations

Tingley Roofing is known for our expert roofing installations, but we can also do repairs. Check below for a list of some of our services.

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