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Power Washing

Let our team handle power washing your residential or commercial building to remove dust, mud, mold, and so much more!

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Power washing is when a high pressure stream of hot water blasts away materials from outdoor services. The combination of high pressure and hot water make it more effective when removing residue like mildew, salt, mold, and much more. For commercial businesses, power washing is great for removing chewing gum and grease stains. 

Power washing is also great for helping to control weeds and moss. The hot water can kill them and stop moss and weeds from growing back so quick. 

Power washing is the perfect solution for any situation where the surface is very saturated or has a tremendous amount of dirt and grime to clean off. In all, power washing is the more heavy duty option for cleaning outdoor services. 

Hiring Tingley Roofing for your power washing needs is crucial to making sure you don’t end up damaging the surface you’re working on. Since the force of the hot water is incredible, it’s best to only wash on concrete and other hard surfaces. 

About Power Washing

Hiring a professional company like Tingley Roofing is the best option for power washing. By having a professional do the job, the chances of damaging softer surfaces to your residential or commercial building is extremely unlikely. Let one of our team members power wash your home or business for you, today! 

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